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Therapsil: About

In an ongoing collaboration with Psilonautica – a psychedelic-focused consultancy agency supporting the future of psychedelic medicine and therapy, I illustrated and animated this video for the Canadian medical charity, Therapsil.


After receiving the script and voice over, I had a sense of the tone of the project and set about creating mood boards to see which aesthetic direction the team wanted to go in. They opted for a more organic, textured feel, and I had loads of fun researching natural textures and shapes in old botanical books.

Once we agreed on the storyboard, it was time to start creating the assets. 

Therapsil: Text
Therapsil: Pro Gallery

"From the very beginning, Sasha displayed a deep understanding of TheraPsil's mission and values. He took the time to listen to our ideas, ask probing questions, and truly immerse himself in what it is that we are hoping to achieve. It was evident that he was not just creating an animation; he was becoming an advocate for our cause. Without a doubt, Sasha has played a vital role in advancing TheraPsil's mission."

– James Bunn, Co-Founder of Psilonautica

Therapsil: Text
Therapsil: Pro Gallery
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